About Us

Welcome to Dummies4 Dummies. We are not judging your reasons for finding our website. Let me tell you a little story of how we got here.

One night, we were hanging out with a bunch of friends trying to throw some meat on the fire. Not literally throw it. We know how to carefully place a piece of meat on a grill. You’re in safe hands. Upon trying to start the fire, we realized that we may have to re-evaluate some of our friendships. Let’s just say, it took a while before any flames came to life.

Have you ever hung out with some of your family or friends and realized some of them could use a how-to-guide to navigate life? There are just some things that comes naturally to certain people and then there is the rest of us (The Original Dummies).

This website was started by combining different personalities, cultures and expertise. This one chick in our group is really good at parenting little people. The other one, likes to whip up some brownies as fast as you can boil the kettle. We have a guy who believes he knows a lot about web design and stuff like that (I am clearly not that guy). Then there is another lad we left our travel diaries to manage because… well… he travels a lot (should be fun). You need a beauty guru in your crew to increase the group cred. She’ll be writing about skincare, makeup and beauty related stuff (don’t worry, it won’t be me). She is important because the rest of us aren’t really sure what “contouring” means.

Our goal is to teach, help and entertain you. Enjoy the journey with us.