When my Samsung Microwave was just over a year old it failed giving me an
“5E” or “SE” Error code which an Internet search told me was the code for a failed membrane keypad. This microwave was highly rated when it was released. Since then many of then have had this display problem and its rating have plummeted. Fortunately there seems to be an easy fix.

I called Samsung and was told that since the microwave was more than a year OLD it was out of warranty and to call a local service company.

I wasn’t sure if I wanted to buy a new microwave or to pay to fix this one As I researched it I found people who claimed to have fixed it themselves by cleaning a few contact points in the microwave. I figured I would give it a try.

This video shows the steps I took to get my microwave working again.

Best as I can tell the source of most of the SE errors is that steam or smoke rising up from the stove top corrodes or soaks the cables in the display panel. Removed this display and clean the cables up and you may get your microwave working again. Seems silly to make an over the oven microwave that fails when it is used over the oven, but at least the fix is fairly easy.

1 Step one — Unplug the unit. You don’t want to shock yourself during the repair.
2 Step two — Remove the exhaust hood or vent grill on the top of the microwave.
3 Step three — Remove the display panel.
4. Step four — Remove and clean all the cables plugged into the display panel.
5. Step five — Reinstall all the cables to the display panel.
6. Step six — Plug the microwave back in and reset the time.

With luck your microwave will now be back to health.

At the end of the video I suggest steps you can take if this fix does not work for you.

Let me know if you have any other ideas about fixing your Samsung Microwave or if the approach works on other microwaves.

Joe Devlin


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