Learn how to hide your TV wires and put an outlet behind your TV in less than 30 minutes. Follow along step by step in this DIY tutorial from DIY Nils. Ready to learn more? Head on over to www.DIYNils.com for additional resources. Video sponsored by DataComm Electronics – www.datacommelectronics.com

See the full blog post: http://diynils.com/how-to-hide-your-tv-wires-in-30-minutes/

Supplies Used In This Video:
• TV Cable Organizer Kit – Double Outlet – https://geni.us/rMQk (RECOMMENDED – it’s the main kit used in this video)
• TV Cable Organizer Kit – Single Outlet – https://geni.us/bcTT8
• Stud Finder – $50 – https://geni.us/lgVT
• Jab Saw – https://geni.us/KFGpBm
• Wiremold TV Cord Cover Kit (for solid walls) – https://geni.us/R5oI
• Bilge and Pump Discharge Hose – https://geni.us/D2sl2MA
• 9′ HDMI Cable – https://geni.us/6Vc9

Please leave any questions or comments below. Thank you!

Music in this video:

Credit: Panthurr
Track: Moonrise Melody
Used with permission

Credit: LiamLRY
Track: Boom Bap
Used with permission


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